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Quarantine Closed Newborn and Family Photos in Saratoga Springs, Albany, and CliftonPark

Updated: May 27, 2020

Who knew March 2020, the world would come to a screeching halt? Covid-19 has definitely put a huge damper in what we all expected 2020 to bring. Locked inside, unable to share celebrations with our loved ones, wearing masks to run to the grocery store, tons and tons of hand washing and a mile long list of changes that have thrown us all for a curve ball. I'll be honest, the only cure ball I wanted to see this spring was the one my daughter throws in softball. However, I am not even sure we will get to see games this summer.

My studio has been locked up since March as no indoor or outdoor sessions have been held. Even though, after a busy holiday season, I needed some downtime this is too much. I want to meet those babies that I photographed so contently in their mama's bellies. I am itching to snuggle them up before they grow anymore! I want to celebrate those 1st birthdays that happened in the months of March, April and May. There are families out there who want to update their walls and I am really looking forward to reconnecting soon.

However, until then, I am doing my best to soak in this extra gift of time with my 4 little girls. I mean it is not all sunshine, rainbows and popsicles here as with 4 kids they fight, I get annoyed with dirty rooms and my husband is trying to keep us all quiet while he does work calls from our bedroom. Some days, it is complete insanity and we don't enjoy each other's company for a good portion of the day. Thankfully, there are some peaceful moments that weigh in too with movie nights with all 6 of us piled into my bed, long hikes to mountains we would have never seen otherwise and lots and lots of baking!

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