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Professional Business Headshots in Saratoga Springs, Albany, and Clifton Park

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Social media is alive and strong these days which requires most business professionals to have a current professional business headshot. Therefore, I wanted to provide 9 great tips to prepare you for your next set of headshots.

  1. Location- Location can play a big part in adding to the vibe of your photo. Studio sessions on a backdrop have a more formal outcome. They are the traditional way to go. Outdoor sessions tend to give a more modern and casual feeling. Not to say that a professional headshot can't be done in studio on a sofa or bed set up and look laid back and more natural. Think about your profession and what represents you best. However, it is very important to discuss the overall vibe you are trying to achieve with your photographer when you book your session.

  2. Clothing- Pick your clothing carefully as it speaks volumes in a headshot photo. What look are you trying to achieve? Formal vs. casual? Try to pick your look without representing a season as it will be used year round online. Patterns and bold prints will distract from your face so should be avoided. Thin stripes don’t work well on camera and computer screens. It is best to go with a plain palate as it accentuates your face. I also recommend thinking about whether your photo will be converted to black and white. If you would like that option, think about adding some contrast in your clothing. Wearing a light blue shirt and a yellow tie will all blend when converted to a black and white photo. A great way to test this is to take a photo of yourself and convert it on your iPhone to black and white and adjust your outfit colors accordingly.

  3. Hair- Flyaways are an unwanted feature in photos. A great option is to bring a brush and some hair spray with you to your session and do a quick run thru right before your photos. This can touch up any straightening you did before you arrived. It is also important to make sure any color corrections or touch ups are done before your session. You don't want a root line or a previous bad color job to effect your end results. Men should also remember to groom their beards and mustaches.

  4. Make-up- Go natural! Apply any make-up in natural light and go for a more neutral look. You should also go with a freshy polished nail in a neutral color. This is not a time to go too bold or try something new. You want the end result to look like you!

  5. Shine- Studio lighting or outdoor sun can add some shine to your face therefore it is best to start with a clean palate. Women can apply a little powder and foundation right before their session but should be careful to blend into their neckline. Men should use a wipe or wash & dry their face well right before their photos to reduce natural shine. While you are in front of that mirror, check those teeth too.

  6. Angles- Your photographer will take your photo from different angles so you have options for your final photo. However, if you have a side you prefer than mention this before you start. You know what side you feel flatters you so share this with your photographer. If there are parts of you that make you feel less confident, share this too. This way we can work together to create a photo you feel confident in.

  7. Glasses- If you wear glasses all the time you should wear them in your professional business headshot. When photographing glasses, you need to make sure you clean them well. Dust and small marks will show up in the camera. Also be sure to push them back so they do not appear to be sitting too far down your nose. We want to see your eyes. If you only casually wear glasses, then remove them at least 1 hour before the session so that any nose red mark disappears before you start.

  8. Try different looks- Most of us are nervous when our photo is taken that it won't look good. You know you need professional headshots for your business and just want to get it done. However, your photographer wants to take a variety of poses and angles so that they have options when it comes to editing time. Go with it. Let them take some from above you as this is very flattering for most. Smile! Yes, smile! Even if you aren't a smiley person, try it. Go for some serious ones but also try a genuine laugh one as it is always smart to have a variety of headshot options with one of them being a more approachable look.

  9. Accessories- You can add a pop of color if you want to show some extra personality with a great tie, bolder necklace or stylish earrings. However, accessories will stand out so make sure you check everything is looking perfect. Check for such things like a straight tie with top button done and your necklace with the clasp hidden in the back. If you aren't a pop of color kind of person, don't worry. Your photo should reflect your style and personality.

Now go look at your current professional headshot and call me if you need an update! I am here to help make you look fabulous!!!

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