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Building a Gallery Wall With Family Photos

Updated: May 27, 2020

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First Family Picture by Jennifer Pondillo

Gallery walls are very on trend right now. These creative expressions run the gamut of themes and styles. Jennifer Pondillo Photography fully supports these beautiful additions to your living room, office, or den. Here are some of our tips for developing a photo gallery you will love.

Begin with an important family photograph. The centerpiece of a gallery wall needs to clearly indicate your point of focus. It doesn't have to be an image, of course. You could use an important scripture, quote, date, location or even your family crest. Be creative with the what you put directly in the center of your wall and let all the other pieces "point" to it.

Professional Children's Photography
Baby Girl Birthday Party Pictures

The second step in your gallery wall is to determine it's shape and orientation. From the centered picture, you can either spiral other signs and images, use a starburst method of scattering them, or even just place pictures in rows varying frame shapes to create visual interest. No matter how you present your portrait gallery, you will want to select photos and other items of significance that somehow relate back to the central theme. Birthday party photos, holiday portraits, and other significant pictures from milestone events are perfect options.

Mother Daughter Professional Pictures
Mommy Daughter Portraits

Finally, be creative with your gallery. It needs to speak to you and represent the things that matter most to your family. Vary the image sizes and frame a variety of things to complement your theme. Simple sayings, favorite hymns, the lyrics to your first dance song, or single words that have meaning to you are great options. Antiques, shadow boxes, heirlooms, or quirky clocks are also great additions. Truly, there is no wrong way to create a gallery wall as long as it creates a sense of both home and art to you. I am always here when you need to update your gallery picture assortment! Now, go create something memorable!

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